This is a quick update every Sunday about what I am doing right "Now"!

Light Reading:

  • Warhammer! Still working away on the Horus Heresy series.
    Onto Descent of Angels, wow this series is a lot of fun!

Heavy Reading:

  • On hold. Things have been rather busy with moving to working from home and responding to a lot of events pertaining to having a workforce new to being remote.

Almost into a regular working from home routine.
Its looking like masks are suddenly ok again (No shit!), so I am glad to have been prepared.
Sadly I see many here who choose to ignore previous lessons and who are going out and about as if nothing was wrong. We have people still playing football!
Hopefully enough people are impacted by someone they know getting sick, and we can start taking perper measures as a whole to reduce the spread.

Windows lasted almost 3 days on my mini laptop before I wiped it and installed OpenBSD.
Sadly there are a few things not working 100% so I am back on windows at least until it irritates me more than the things not working on OpenBSD do.
Of all of them, the lack of volume controls (easy to script), the oddities when tethering to the external monitor (issues with xrandr scaling how I want it) are not bad, but the lack of support for the fan I think is the killler. I am able to throttle the CPU down to 400 Mhz, however there is no support for the fan, so at its lowest auto setting it does this odd clicking noise.
Ill dig into it more when I have a chance but for now I need a silent machine.

On hold for a few weeks until things settle. Well unless something really cool pops up.


CRISC application was accepted, it should be official in 10 days!

Still doing yoga, still waiting for treadmill lol

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