*Updated: 16 Feb 2020

Light Reading:

  • Took a little study break and started listening to the Baroque cycle again on audio-book. One of my favorite sagas and worth a read/listen if you have not.

Heavy Reading:

  • More CRISC stuff. Pretty much my life for the next 2 days. Nist 800-(53/53a/39/116) as well as COBIT and god only know what else also came along just for the fun of it. Most are not directly testable but they provide valuable context.

Just finished:

  • None

Edits are done and the next two days are dedicated to study. Thankfully our doggo likes sleeping on my lap while I read so its extra snuggle time with her which she is not minding at all!

Gnome is ok. I do miss the super speed of spectrwm but there are some nice features that a full desktop environment can bring.
X1 is still relegated to the photoshop machine..for now. I have been using rdesktop to connect to it when needed.


Just a quick post on a photoshoot.

Planning to clone 3 yubikeys. One for each device and one to put in my desk at home for a backup.

Sooooon. Getting a little withdrawals from resting.

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